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Technique Carte


Stainless steel proving device for final proofers or existing proving room.
It produces a stable mixture of heat and steam, input and aspiration channels direct and collect it in each spot of the chamber. High efficiency and uniform leavening.
The control unit, with appropriate probes, adjusts the heating and the quantity of steam, the hygrostat provides constant accurate control of humidity.
The device uses armoured heating elements, made of stainless steel, for heating and evaporating. The body and the channels are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
The humidity probe is electronic type and a sensor checks the water level. Internal proofer light. Control panel electro-mechanical or digital.
Working temperature adjustable up to + 40°c and degree of relative humidity set up to 99%.
The air distribution system is with adjustable flows: leavening homogeneous with ventilation adjustable. The slow generation of steam with double flow distributed, allows an excellent saturation of hot-damp air and ensure the uniformity of leavening and the preservation of the softness of the product.
The modular composition ensures at any time the correct matching with the proofer dimensions allowing maximum efficiency and a better air distribution.
Feeding triphase + neutral of 230V or 400V, with frequency of 50/60 Hz. Special tension on request.
The machine is in accordance with the European directives applicable. The guarantee is 2 years, excluding the parts subject to normal wear and tear.