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Technique Carte


Proving chamber for rack ovens. Stainless steel structure in isothermal and modular panels of 40 mm thickness, sandwich type polyurethane made.
Covering in stainless steel.
It produces constant and programmable conditions of temperature and humidity, to allow a leavening always homogeneous and perfect. A generator produces a stable mixture of heat and steam, while the canalizations of output and aspiration distribute and collect it in every point of the chamber. All made of steel inox.
The controller adjusts the temperature and the quantity of steam, the hygrostat allows a constant and accurate monitoring of humidity. Duration, high efficiency and regular leavening.
On request basement in stainless steel and electro-mechanical control panel.
The number of racks possible and the number of doors depending on the personal demands. Feeding triphase + neutral of 230V or of 400V, with frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. Special tension on request. The machine is in accordance with the European directives applicable. The guarantee is 2 years for all the parties (excluding those subject to normal wear and tear).