Technique Carte


Renewed and complete range of proving chamber of innovative constructive characteristics. Structure of isothermal and modular panels of 60 mm thickness, sandwich type polyurethane made. Sheet galvanized painted or stainless steel with injection of polyurethane foam high-density 41 Kg/m3. On request, inside and outside covering, basement in steel AISI 304. The insulation is of closed cells, it prevents the formation of bacteria and humidity and it does not cause standing and formations of mould. New patented system for rapid, accurate alignment between panels and corner joints. Ground’s fixing profile and angular made of PVC with rounded corners. Single or double full doors on self-lifting hinges. The door complete with handle with key and inside luminescent safety release. Electro-mechanical or digital panel.
Heating and steam control device made of stainless steel, canalizations of output and aspiration of stainless steel too. Working temperature till 40°C, degree of relative humidity till 99%. Air distribution system with control of the flows: leavening homogeneous with ventilation adjustable. The slow generation of steam with double flow distributed, allows an excellent saturation of hot-damp air and ensure the uniformity of leavening and the preservation of the softness of the product.
Feeding triphase + neutral of 230V or 400V, with frequency of 50/60 Hz. Special tension on request. The machine is in accordance with the European directives applicable. The guarantee is 2 years, excluding the parts subject to normal wear and tear.