The company started its marketing and industrial business in 2003 backed by the 20 years’ experience of its founders. The business involves creating, manufacturing, promoting and distributing bakery and pastry equipment and the company quickly conquered the market through steady expansion.

The company’s strong points include product innovation, and it especially leans towards identifying technological solutions able to ensure affordability and practicality. Innovation is the result of research for continuous production cost savings, which translates into price competitiveness, and on how to improve product practicality, which allows the end user to save time and resources.

The company manufactures and distributes bakery and pastry machines and systems. These include a range of equipment for professional use implemented throughout the entire baking process: mixing, dividing, moulding, proving and baking.

The competitive advantage is the maximum quality-price ratio. This is the reason for the company’s great focus on the production process and its choice to contain commercial costs. Updated technology is implemented, and continuous research is performed on production flexibility, both in terms of numbers and product type.


The company owes its success to the following specific distinguishing elements, which when grouped together, allow it to stand out in the Italian sector:
Constant focus on the product characterised by the application of innovative and technological solutions, which are conceived and “safeguarded”;
product positioning, including a complete range of equipment, excellent quality and reasonable pricing; concrete presence in international markets, where over 60% of its products end up;
flexible business model able to efficiently manage the production and logistics cycles while maintaining control over the critical phases in the value chain so the quality of the product and delivery time can be supervised;
Important investiments growth record (2005-2007 equal to 32%) accompanied by more than proportionate turn over increased.


Commercial expansion and industrial development
Having consolidated its first successes in Italy, the company is expanding its commercial activity internationally by organising a foreign sales network intended for independent dealers involving.

Elevated brand visibility thanks to a highly specialised offer, the company offers the most integrated and broadest range in the bread leavening and baking cycle;

The company is equipping itself with new, modern headquarter in the perspective of solid corporate growth and to meet the need to expand production, warehousing capability, sales and distribution capacity. These offices will group together the 3 current production units and will be home to a showroom, a platform equipped for prompt and fast interventions providing assistance.


The company manufactures and distributes bakery and pastry equipments. These products are for professional use. As a manufacturer, the company is able to manufacture items on demand to satisfy specific customer requests. The range of products covers the entire baking cycle: mixing, dividing, moulding, proving and baking. The offers satisfy the requests of those who intend modernising and reorganising their production lines and who aim to integrate and improve their machinery.
The company is specialised in manufacturing equipment for leavening and baking processes: retarder and final proofers, baking trays and d tins, trolleys and loading tools.
Quality standards must be high, and focus on the best quality-price ratio possible. The service level must be satisfactory: prompt and punctual to provide a quick response.


The competitive advantage is the result of having kept the work cycle in-house, as well as monitoring the activities. The technology implemented together with policies for expanding and updating the systems has led to quality, flexibility and containing production costs. Total control over the production cycle allows improving processing and researching new operating modes, stimulates technological development and increases quality.

These factors in turn allow increasing efficiency and revenues and therefore investing in product and process innovation. Production efficiency becomes value and is translated into focus on the product as it is only possible to maintain consistent quality when product manufacturing involves control over production.

The complete production cycle begins with research & development through product planning and industrialising, and procurement and production. Quality control, warehousing, commercial distribution, installation, testing and after-sales service complete the range of services offered to the customer.