Our baking trays are made following a process that allows obtaining a high quality product which is also suitable for use in bakeries and confectionaries. Our products have technical solutions capable of guaranteeing convenience and practicability, optimising the work process. We provide high quality finishing and the material is perforated, cut, folded and welded using specialised equipment and expert technique. Corners, edges and folds are reduced to the minimum to avoid risks, knocks and crusts. The surfaces at contact with food products are designed for easy cleaning and sterilisation.
Trolleys for rack oven. Trolleys for trays. Trolleys for loader of deck oven.
we can satisfy any requests on design and adjustments for any type of ovens or loading system.

It is undoubtedly one of the most delicate bread-making stages. It’s when the bread gets its organoleptic features, taste and aroma, its structure and crust fragrance.
With knowledgeable time, yeast, temperature and humidity management, bread leavening is blocked to keep it in a controlled, insulated environment. Leavening is completed in an autonomous, programmed manner, for a set time. All this takes place keeping end product quality unchanged, in many cases even improving it. With less yeast and more humidity, the product develops perfectly thanks to rigorous control of times, temperature and humidity during the different processing stages. Careful use of cold technology and slow, gradual leavening in a climatized, controlled environment enable you to defer leavening as desired (up to 7 days) and program baking at a preset time. Slow leavening guarantees heating homogeneousness right down to the dough's core, eliminating crust separation.